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Posted by kinasepro on November 30, 2006

Hey Hey Array, Chiral P38 inhibitors 4tw! It looks like this may be the ARRY-797 series. Let me first say this has got to be the most awesomest P38 presentation Kinasepro has ever seen. Thanks for hosting it, but I notice you don’t drop the structure for 797. Boo.


This is a provisional application, third in a series including: US2004192653, US2004180896, US2004176325. It appears to me that you guys tried to get away from the the chiral center in US2004192653, but it must be important as it looks like your back to hitting it hard with some asymmetric alkylations this app. (atypical in the kinase patentscape) And lastly for this doting review: the fluoro in the fluoro-isobutyl group is a nice touch.


3 Responses to “US20060264431”

  1. The p38 presentation is pretty nice – the kind of thing that should be taught to all aspiring med chemists in graduate school. Unfortunately for some unknown reason they prefer learning about the mechanism of Negishi carboaluminations and all that piffle. Some folks….

  2. Anon. said


    Maybe. But not every company works like Array, and I think without “all that piffle” you’d have a hard time making ARRY-797.

    I think aspiring med chemists should be taught to recognize crap targets they should never work on in the first place, like p38 today. (Hey, in 2000 it was a good idea. Not today.)

  3. milkshake said

    I have an excellent process chemist friend who was at Array and he had some seriously nasty things to say about their management. When I was going nuts about the management whims, lies and bullshit going on in the company where we worked he assured me that his previous job in Boulder, CO was incomparably worse.

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