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Monday night OT

Posted by kinasepro on November 28, 2006

Science Podcast Carnival v1.0

Nature and Science mags have podcasts. Check them out if you haven’t. No really – go now then come back later, I’ll still be here.

Science update is pretty cool, Nova has a couple and they are worth checking as well. Don’t forget the Popular Mechanics show <- More techy then sciency, but I still listen. Don’t forget the NYT Science times podcast.

But my personal favorite: Mysterious Universe

There’s plenty of other popular ones like Naked Science, and This Week In Science, but the ones above I listen to regularly. You can find somewhere to download most of these from the web, but you really need a podcast aggregator like itunes to keep track.

Could a Kinase podcast be far behind?


One Response to “Monday night OT”

  1. Xcovery said

    Pharmaventures also puts out 2 worthwhile podcasts, best accessed thru iTunes. Both are pharma business-oriented, and one is even a video podcast.

    GEN has some podcasts as well:


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