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Quick Rundown

Posted by kinasepro on November 20, 2006

Paying homage to 1/2DPCB’s “Saturday Night Synthesis” with a little thematic post of my own. lets call it Monday night OT so here’s a little off topic ‘musing’. Feel free to tune out now. Else ->

There’s been a number of interesting search engine referalls to KP lately. Some are amusing: ‘mmk kinase‘; most make sense: ‘rigel r112 structure blog‘; but some are just downright bizarre. Like As of this writing Kinasepro is the #2 google hit for the term ‘quick rundown‘.

Are we feeling lucky or what?!


4 Responses to “Quick Rundown”

  1. milkshake said

    One isatin preparation that I posted was named “Isatins from indoles – a chlorination orgy”

    (You would not imagine the kind of query hits that have found it)

  2. Maybe if you are looking to bump up the search engine hits you should include hidden words (white text on white background) on every page.

    Not that I have done this of course! but it could make a very interesting experiment.

  3. experiment now underway. will report back soon.

  4. kinases rule said

    Wonder if there is any Aurora activity (change right and and viola pronounced vee-oo -la)? Love the cough-s-cough, at least House would have appreciated it.

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