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Quick Rundown

Posted by kinasepro on November 20, 2006

Paying homage to 1/2DPCB’s “Saturday Night Synthesis” with a little thematic post of my own. lets call it Monday night OT so here’s a little off topic ‘musing’. Feel free to tune out now. Else ->

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Posted by kinasepro on November 20, 2006

Hey Hey J & J,  Nice c-FMS inhibitors.  As kinase inhibitors go these are new to me, but I see you’ve been banging away at these for a few years so there’s got to be a candidate in there somewhere, eh?

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Posted by kinasepro on November 20, 2006

Hey Vertex, Interesting Aurora 2,3 inhibitors. I see these come from a series you’ve been on for a while (WO2006058074, WO2005095400). VX680 backups? Hard to tell with how many apps you guys publish. Interesting compounds anyhow.

App includes the pyrazolopyrazines, a core which Roche used first for p38 inhibitors a while back (US2005197340). 1UNG may give a clue to how these are binding.

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