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Posted by kinasepro on November 19, 2006

Tag Cytopia, I see you nominated a c-fms inhibitor, neet-0, but no patent app published yet? There’s an article in FASEB, but whats say we stick with calling it c-fms, eh? If you want to get creative, lets go with c-FMS, or fms, or maybe even CFMS, but CSF-1R? Aww c’mon, we’ve got enough names to keep up with 😦 How about a little standardization here, people?!

From application WO2004054977 it appears the cross screens for your JAK2/3 programs included c-fms, hck, zap70, fes, and abl. I like it, nice way to determine selectivity profile, and to find the serendipitous hit here and there. Good show, my guess is you found something with a little fms selectivity.

Also, I’m a little behind the times, so a belated congrats on partnering your JAK3 program with Novartis.



2 Responses to “CYT645”

  1. milkshake said

    Hi Kinasepro: I have reported your bloggardly activities to my superiors and they were delighted by what you have found – Your posts have proven to be genuinely useful.

    Maybe once you get enough readers dependent on you, you should start charging a subscription fee…

  2. kinasepro said

    Hey Milkshake, Thanks for contributing to this little social experiment known as Kinasepro.

    You bring up an interesting topic: Money.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’m a scientist, so by rule my penchant for generating that commodity is flawed. This goofy little blog is doing fine without a business model for now, but whatever comes of it you wont have to worry about membership. Ever.

    I like the idea of marketting to this niche audience by putting together a catalog of kinase-centric intermediates, or some other creative strategy, but for now I’m just having fun with it.

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