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Posted by kinasepro on November 16, 2006

>>update>> 03/14/07: TykerB FDA Approved

Tykerb / GW2016 / lapatinib / is a step closer to market and Xcovery is on it.

They had a C&EN cover back in August, and you can check out the ’06 ASCO report from their renal cell carcinoma Ph iii. (scroll a bit for slides and even a video.) But the highlight from that trial was: 1.25g / day and it didn’t work 😦




4 Responses to “Tykerb”

  1. milkshake said

    That’s the price of puttinng a aminomethyl-substituted furan into the molecule – I bet the human PK is going to be awful. Unfortunately furan is needed for potency/

  2. DrSnowboard said

    Hey, ranitidine sold well…
    But maybe not the 30h residence time you oncology buffs want, true.

  3. Aniela said

    I would like to ask you a question. i read about the new medicine for breast cancer, Tykerb and i want to know how it can be ordered or to whom we can address. i mention that i come from romania.
    i would be grateful if i will receive this information in the shortest time possible. thank you very much

  4. KinasePro said

    Greetings friend from Romania, I recommend you check the Tykerb homepage for help finding the actual drug substance.

    KinasePro is only here to talk about the research side of the drug world, buying and selling these things is somebody elses job I’m afraid.

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