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Posted by kinasepro on November 11, 2006

Sup G? Err, I mean Hi Supergen.

How’s everything in Czechoslovakia? I here you’ve been talking about your kinase pipeline and your late preclinical: MP470 a c-Met / c-Kit / PDGFRa inhibitor (WO2005037825) I also see you paid about $18 million + milestones earlier this year for the lot of Montigen + kinase inhibitors. Nifty.


I like the compounds, and to my eyes they’re more interesting then some of what we’ve seen here on KP before for c-met. The binding motif is likely a hybrid of some of the Wyeth tricycles, and the Lexicon / Pfizer / Astra stuff.

Thanks for hosting the poster and the posters for: MP-529, MP371, etc, but seriously, hand me a VEGF inhibitor because your model images are making my eyes bleed 😦

Seriously, thats embarassing.

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