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News of the day…

Posted by kinasepro on November 9, 2006

In case you’ve been under a rock today, Bayer is closing both its West Haven, CT site and Schering’s Richmond, CA site. They claim the number is 800, but estimates put the Richmond site at 380, and the CT site at 1,100. They either plan on relocating 600 people or they are lieing.

This is an unhappy day in KinaseLand.

7 Responses to “News of the day…”

  1. Albert said

    Ok, I got the meaning. But could you give more details, please?

  2. milkshake said

    I thought the job market for synthetic chemist was improving lately – so I guess it will now go back where it was the entire last year.

  3. kinasepro said

    Basically Bayer purchased Schering AG, a German company which created redundancies within the combined entity. Their solution to that is schematised above.

  4. Albert said

    I wasn’t under a rock: I just live in Europe and it was midnight when the news appeared on the web.

  5. kinases rule said

    Thanks for the sentiments.
    In terms of kinases — it is a huge mistake.

  6. Derek Lowe said

    Your post is very popular in West Haven today. . .

  7. kinasepro said

    Just a little levity to put the present situation in perspective.

    My thoughts and prayers will be in West Haven this sure-to-be-anxious holiday season.

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