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Quick rundown

Posted by kinasepro on November 8, 2006

2HY8; a PAK1 Xray was the only kinase PDB released in today’s batch.

Clickity click for a rundown on the patent apps from last week that didn’t find their own posts:

(US20060247294) Cephalon has a divisional for their angio Staurosporine analogs

(US20060247294) BMS is still banging on the P38 door with another divisional

(US20060247269) UCB (formerly Celltech; ) has some p38 analogs:

(US20060247241) Novartis has more pyrimidines for FAK/Zap70

(US20060247210) QLT has some ILK inhibitors. Looks likely this is from their: preclinical program for ‘Eye diseases (intra-ocular delivery)’ which came from their buyout of Kinetic. afaKPk They are the only ones looking at the target.


5 Responses to “Quick rundown”

  1. Ashutosh said

    Great blog, and I am a kinase lover/explorer myself. Any chance you could increase the font size?

  2. kinasepro said

    Good idea. WordPress is a little unfriendly on that, but I’ll work on it.

  3. Ryan K. said

    Why don’t you just increase the font size in your browser? Usually Ctrl+ or apple+…

  4. Ashutosh said

    Thanks. Ryan K, yes, I can do that with apple + ; the problem is that it’s not always a smooth transition. The font size does increase, but things on the page also start bumping into each other in weird ways.

  5. kinasepro said

    I appreciate the input. I’m not terribly happy with the appearance of KP and longterm plans involve hosting my own site with my own CSS, etc. Maybe over Christmas break I’ll get a moment to lay down some HTML. For now thanks for suffering through the inferior presentation!
    CTRL + or CTRL and the mouse wheel will have to work for now =(

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