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Posted by kinasepro on November 3, 2006

Hi Serono, Nice Nature Reviews DD article:

PI3K crystals to date: 1E7U, 1E7V, 1E8W, 1E8X, 1E8Y, 1E8Z, 1E90, 2F4J, 2A4Z, 2A5U

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Posted by kinasepro on November 3, 2006

Hey Exelixis, sorry to hear about your Phase II VEGF / PDGF / FGF suspension. ‘cardiovascular events’ = HERG? Nah, Probably some of that vegf mediated hypertension. Looks like we’ll here more on the 9th.

XL999 is a second generation Sutent-like molecule that brings in greater potency and adds some oncogenic kinases to its target profile at the expense of being an IV drug. There’s a lot of people who will be keeping a close eye on what happens here, since this compound is not the only second generation VEGF / etc. cancer therapy in development. From phase 1:


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This weeks list

Posted by kinasepro on November 3, 2006

US20060247448 VEGF / PDGF / MEKK1 / MEK1
US20060247294 VEGF / TIE2 /MLK / DLK
US20060247269 P38
US20060247262 Zap70 / Syk
US20060247250 SRC / VEGF
US20060247247 P38
US20060247241 Zap70 / FAK / IGF
US20060247237 EGF
US20060247217 EGF
US20060247210 ILK

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