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Posted by kinasepro on November 1, 2006

Hi TargeGen. So whats with the new VEGF compound, eh?  Oh well. I also see you’ve disclosed that it’s an ester prodrug that hits VEGFR2 / PDGFR / SRC so its either a pyrimidine from WO2006101977 or a benzotriazine from the BMCL / ( US20050245524):

Using reverse logic, they’d probably publish the series that didn’t work right? Ergo, I’d put my bet down on the pyrimidines. The chloro-phenol of the above prodrug is 1.8 nM on SRC and single digit on EphB4 / PDGF / YES. I’d say these are a go for efficacy, but Tox?

>> Update 11/02 US20060247250 is a patent application which houses SRC/VEGF compounds, claims eyedrop formulations… and they’re pyrimidines.


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