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Posted by kinasepro on October 27, 2006

Hi again Cyclacel, Good idea to cover the pyridines too. Thanks for giving us the data. And hey, it appears you can walk around the activity wheel a little by varying the amine portion of the aminothiazole, but less then 10-fold over all the CDKs and GSK3 / Aurora? Unless your not showing us your ace, it makes Kinasepro wonder just how selective your PLK1 inhibitors are.


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A little lite weekend reading

Posted by kinasepro on October 27, 2006

Hello KinaseFans, Kinasepro may very well not get to all of these, but here’s the list for this week:

US20060241301 < < TIE2
US20060241179 < SKB < P38
US20060241151 < Amgen < CDK
US20060241149 < SKB < VEGF
US20060241131 < Pfizer < JAK3
US20060241127 < Bayer < Rho
US20060241115 < Amgen < Spectrum
US20060241106 < < HSP90
US20060241104 < BMS < c-Met

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