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Posted by kinasepro on October 23, 2006

>> Update: Revise the structures to the acrylamide as in WO/2007/103233.

Hello Hello Aveo,EGFR Phase one recruitment initiated. Red Team, Blue Team, Go! Go! Go!

I see you’ve liscenced this AV-412 / MP-412 thingamajig, from Mitsubishi Pharma which had KinasePro a little worried at first, since he doesn’t like slogging through Japanese patents. Luckily for him though, the patents are written in english. More luckier: There’s only two real compounds in the claims.

Most of the kinasefans out here will already recognize this is bound to be a quinazoline patent, the only question is how did they get around the deluge of Tarceva / Iressa knock-offs. EP1690856 seems to be the only EGFR series coming from Mitsubishi:

Yep that’ll do. But only 2 compounds? Well so it is… In case your joining the party late. Tarceva bound to EGFR is: 1m17 and 1XKK also looks interesting when trying to interperet the above structures. So much for that region merely being accessible to sovlent, eh?


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