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Posted by kinasepro on October 7, 2006


Are you guys on to something with the whole ‘ribose pocket’ thing?

Going after c-Met Kinasepro thinks this application has a bit in common with another recent offering. This one has one of the more characteristic 6-5 heterocycles we’ve come to know and love from your labs only with a few twists.

There’s a fair amount of diversity to be respected in this patent, and Kinasepro won’t do it justice with just a 30Kb jpeg, but I see three things of note which I’ll post here as representative examples. Looking over their examples it appears they look at most are the various permutations of A, B, and C.

Compounds like A are Kinasepro’s favorite. I can’t seem to find any relevant PDBs to compare with, but BMS has described the binding mode of these 5-6s in the past to be quite similar to the Tarceva/Iressa style 6-6 quinazolines.

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