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Posted by kinasepro on October 5, 2006

Hi Janssen Pharmaceutica,

Nice c-Met application. This is one of those ‘hey didn’t Sugen already do this stuff?’ oxindole patents (Sugen: WO2005005378). The Sugen application focuses on the different regioisomer though. They also fairly conservatively claimed the H2 aryl’s. Anyways, the
hydrazones certainly do have both style and grace but the Jannsen application leaves Kinasepro wanting more. Kudo’s for working so close to Sugen’s matter, otherwise no soup for you.

Here’s a gratuitous hydrazone bound to CDK: 1KE6 (The carbon analog 1ke5 binds identically)

And here’s a gratuitous review on the c-Met as a target

c-Met pdb’s:


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